Windows Update Rejecting Huawei USB Devices

Windows 1709 Rejecting Huawei Devices Banner


The new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 (RedStone 3) is experiencing problems in relation to USB devices. We are receiving reports that Huawei consumers are unable to connect their USB devices after the recent download. We recommend you postpone the system update until further notice, especially if you use a Huawei device.


If you have already updated your windows 10 version and you are now experiencing problems, please revert your Windows system back to the version 1703 (RedStone 2). There are a few ways to do this but to ensure it updates correctly we recommend you contact someone from the Windows team to guide through the process. Another solution given by Huawei is setting the USB device to a static IP address. This can only be done if you know your IP address.

But do not worry, this does not mean you can never update your Windows device again. Windows will release another update in December 2017, this is said to fix all known bugs and issues from the last update.


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