What is a Wi-Fi Dongle?

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A Wi-Fi Dongle is a whole new upgrade from the USB Dongle. A Wi-Fi Dongle provides you with a secure Internet connection that enables you to connect up to 10 devices. You can connect multiple wireless gadgets to it, including your smartphone, tablet and laptop.


To set up your Wi-Fi Dongle all you have to do is insert a data SIM card. If you purchase a Wi-Fi Dongle through Livewire it will arrive unlocked. This means you are able to use any network provider of your choosing. Overall making this device a cost-effective solution for travellers, students or commuters who need a reliable Wi-Fi connection wherever they go.

As long as you have a USB power source you are able to get online anywhere. You can plug this device into a wall adapter, your laptop or even in your car. The Wi-Fi Dongle has such little limitations, meaning you never have to be stuck in one location to get online.

Wi-Fi Dongles vary from 3G to 4G. They are a great way to save money as you are only paying for what you need. The device is overall a great portable Wi-Fi device as it is small and compact.


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