Why Use a Portable Wi-Fi Router?

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Having access to the Internet 24/7 when indoors is now considered the ‘norm’. But when stepping outside you no longer have that luxury and your up to date smart phone is now limited. Now instead of eating up your last bit of monthly mobile phone data, why not just use a portable Wi-Fi router? You won’t just have Internet access to one device but to all of them. You name it, your laptop, tablets, kindles and more. Never feel limited again.

So now that you know you want a portable Wi-Fi device, you have to decide which one is for you. There is a large variety of mobile Wi-Fi devices to choose from and they all have different features and functions. The key features you will have to consider when choosing a device is...

  • How many hours a day you will be using the device
  • The number of devices you will connected to the device
  • How many people will be using it
  • Your overall budget
  • Any extra desired functions such as battery pack or storage


If you are on budget and just want a cost-effective device that will get the job done then we recommended the Huawei E5577c. This device has high connectivity speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds pf 50 Mbps. The device is light weight and very compact, it can fit in any pocket and this is ideal if you are on the move a lot. You can connect up to 10 devices to this gadget with a working time of 6 hours. The device is available in black or white.


Now if you are someone who is a heavy Wi-Fi user and uses multiple gadgets at once then you might need a more powerful device. The one we would recommend is the Huawei E5885. This device is a Wi-Fi hotspot that has connectivity speeds of 300Mbps and you can connect up to 32 devices to the product. This portable Wi-Fi router can also be used as a power bank as the device has a massive battery with 25 hours working time. This device is only avalible in black.

If you would like to see more portable Wi-Fi devices then please check out our product range. When picking a device, we always recommended to buy a mobile Wi-Fi device that is unlocked. This is so that you can choose the network provider of your choice and pick the best deal and connection from your area.


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