What is SIM only Broadband?


SIM only broadband is when you only need a sim card to access a Wi-Fi connection from your selected device. Unlike home broadband, you can choose whether or not you want to pay monthly or pay as you go. As sim cards run off 3G and 4G data, it is advised to look at the best connection for your area just like home broadband.


All the devices we sell here at Livewire come unlocked. This means that you can use any sim card from any provider on the device. This is extremely cost effective, especially if you move around a lot. This is because you can then choose the best network and best price for your area, even on the move. This means your device will even work abroad with the right SIM card, it is always recommended to get a device that is unlocked otherwise you won’t be able to use your device to its full potential.

Many well-known networks such as EE or O2 offer these SIM cards. As all of these providers are competitors they are constantly offering discounts and offers, which means you (the customer) can pick and choose the best deal. But having the luxury of picking and choosing your network provider will only work if your device is unlocked.


SIM only broadband is for everyone. But it can be particularly useful for travellers, business owners and people who live in rural areas as it is a gret alternative to home broadband. Overall there are no limitations on who can use it.

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