What is a USB Dongle?

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A USB Dongle is a small device that plugs in to your laptop. If you have a USB conversion lead you are able to plug it into your tablet or phone etc. This will then provide you with a steady Internet connection. There are many different makes and types of USB Dongles and they are all supported or made by well-known networks such as Three and Huawei. So, you are able to take your pick and choose the one to your specific needs.


For the device to work all you have to do is insert a data SIM card. These devices allow you to produce a 3G signal which will provide you with speeds of 21 Mbps or you can get a 4G signal which will provide you with speeds of 150 Mbps. If you purchase a USB Dongle through Livewire it will arrive unlocked. This means you are able to use any network provider of your choosing. This is ideal if you are on the move a lot, as you can switch to the best provider with the best signal in your area.

Although one down side to a USB Dongle is that you can only connect one device to it at a time. Though you are able to get wireless Dongles. To know more about these, click here.


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