The Ultimate DIY Festival Survival Guide

The Ultimate DIY Festival Survival Guide

2017’s Music Festival season is racing around the corner and this year’s events are bigger than ever! For a first-time raver, we must warn you they are not the cleanest places to be, nor are they the quietest. But I guess that is all a part of the experience. To help smooth things out, we have created a list of handy cost effective items you should bring with you to insure the overall best festival experience.


In this day and age phones are no long a simple device we carry. They are our trusted companion that can show us the route to anywhere at any time. Now with internet banking we virtually use our phones for everything. The only problem is, using all these apps at once drains our battery quicker then we can use it. So, don’t risk the chance of a dead battery and bring a power bank.


We all love to get down and dirty in the mud and it seems like a lot of fun at the time, but, when you have to do the walk of shame back to your clean tent covered in dirt, sweat and unknown germs, a pack of wet wipes and anti-bac can make a huge difference. Especially when there’s a mile-long queue to the public showers.


Now if you want to be the most liked person at the festival, creating your own Wi-Fi hotspot is the key. There are loads of devices out there that can give you on the go Wi-Fi wherever you are. The one we recommend is the Huawei E5577C, it’s small, powerful and you won’t have to run over your phones data.


Let’s just remember if you are staying in a tent, there will be no electricity. So, bringing a torch will be ideal if you want to be able to see anything at night. Last thing you want to be doing is stumbling in the dark trying to find your way to the toilets.


Every festival will have its food stalls or even hot water stalls. Sometimes they will give hot water to you for free, if not they will charge a small fee. Either way, it is cheaper than buying the hot drink or food ready-made. Saving money is always ideal, especially when you have brought a £100+ festival ticket.


If you weren’t planning on sleeping anyway then this isn’t an essential, but if you are, then you are going to need some ear plugs. Festival nights are just as noisy as they are in the day, so get yourself a good pair of foam ear plugs to ensure a good night sleep.


Just in case you have a boo-boo it’s important to bring band aids with to prevent any infection.  A festival crowd is unpredictable so you never know if you are going to get injured. Loud music can cause a brain ace the next day so you’ll appreciate the paracetamol the next morning, especially if you’ve been drinking.


Now this isn’t actually something you need at all, I am just recommending it because everybody loves chocolate. You will thank you self at the end of the night when you get into your sleeping bag and you have a hamper of chocolate to munch down on.

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