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Give your Wi-Fi a Boost

Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing, but do you find that some parts of your home lack a good connection? Or maybe you require a Wi-Fi connection in your garden or out of your house. But do not worry, you do not need to buy a whole new router package to get a better signal, you […]

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How to use Mobile Broadband the Right Way

How to Set Up Mobile Broadband the Right Way

WHAT IS MOBILE WI-FI? So, in case you didn’t already know, Mobile Broadband is another way to get online and have Internet access. Mobile Broadband shouldn’t always be considered as a second alternative as it has many benefits. Mobile Broadband devices have little to no wires making them mess free, they are wireless, compact and […]

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Alternative LTE Tech For When Home Broadband Fails

Many people across the UK suffer with very slow broadband with minimum download and upload speeds. This can be a huge annoyance to home and business owners as there is never a good time to have your Internet fail. An alternative to Internet failure is to have a wireless broadband router.  This is a cheaper […]

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