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Windows 1709 Rejecting Huawei Devices

Windows Update Rejecting Huawei USB Devices

WHAT WE KNOW… The new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 (RedStone 3) is experiencing problems in relation to USB devices. We are receiving reports that Huawei consumers are unable to connect their USB devices after the recent download. We recommend you postpone the system update until further notice, especially if you use a Huawei […]

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What is a Wi-Fi Dongle

What is a Wi-Fi Dongle?

WHAT IS IT? A Wi-Fi Dongle is a whole new upgrade from the USB Dongle. A Wi-Fi Dongle provides you with a secure Internet connection that enables you to connect up to 10 devices. You can connect multiple wireless gadgets to it, including your smartphone, tablet and laptop. HOW DOES IT WORK? To set up […]

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What is a USB Dongle

What is a USB Dongle?

WHAT IS IT? A USB Dongle is a small device that plugs in to your laptop. If you have a USB conversion lead you are able to plug it into your tablet or phone etc. This will then provide you with a steady Internet connection. There are many different makes and types of USB Dongles […]

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