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wifi with the b535

Our latest device – the B535-333

Huawei’s latest super-fast 4G router has been our number 1 bestseller and we are so excited to now have the B535-333 ready to sell! But the question is: just how good is the Huawei B535? Why is it our best seller? And should you buy it or look somewhere else?   Design The Huawei B535-333…
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Huawei E5577c vs TP-Link M7350

Huawei E5577c Vs TP-Link M7350

Mobile Broadband is a great cost effective solution for Wi-Fi on the go. There are many devices out there and a lot of them are vastly similar. When comparing the Huawei E5577c against the TP-Link M7350, putting looks aside, they have almost identical specifications. Huawei E5577c Height: 58mm Width: 96.8mm Depth: 13.5mm Weight: 82 grams…
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Huawei B315 vs TP-LINK 11AC Router

Huawei B315 vs TP-Link 11AC Router

Intelligent technology, digital solutions and 5G are all something to look forward to in the near future. Especially as telecom industries are stepping up and investing a huge amount of funding towards it. But before I jump onto the latest technological innovations, let’s take a step back and check out some of the top competing…
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Huawei E5788 vs Nighthawk M1 – Pocket Wi-Fi

So far 2018 has been an exciting year for technology and will only continue to push the boundaries. With more funding and research going into Mobile Broadband we should expect to see a higher development in devices. Before 2018 Netgears Nighthawk M1 was listed as the fastest 4G LTE Pocket Wi-Fi in the market. But…
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Can you trust public wifi

Can you Trust Public Wi-Fi?

Public Wi-Fi Nearly every café, restaurant and shop provide their customers with a public Wi-Fi connection. And of course, anyone would happily make use of this free service, but do we ever think of the risks? Although we might trust the brand or company providing us with the Wi-Fi, it’s the other users you have…
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Difference between Mobile, Cable and DSL Internet

Over 90% of households in Briton have some kind of internet access within their home. Internet connections are not just being used at home but for companies, shops, hotels and more. These connections will be used by their employees and customers. Although an online connection can be delivered more than one way, this is because…
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How to use Mobile Broadband the Right Way

How to Set Up Mobile Broadband the Right Way

WHAT IS MOBILE WI-FI? So, in case you didn’t already know, Mobile Broadband is another way to get online and have Internet access. Mobile Broadband shouldn’t always be considered as a second alternative as it has many benefits. Mobile Broadband devices have little to no wires making them mess free, they are wireless, compact and…
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Huawei Best Growth 2017

HUAWEI MATE 10 (PRO) LAUNCH… On October the 16th we headed over to Germany to attend the launch of the Huawei Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro. Many attended the event for the reveal and none were disappointed. The new device has exceeded expectations with its sleek design and its advanced technologies. These Huawei…
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Why Use a Portable Wi-Fi Router

Why Use a Portable Wi-Fi Router?

PORTABLE WI-FI ROUTER… Having access to the Internet 24/7 when indoors is now considered the ‘norm’. But when stepping outside you no longer have that luxury and your up to date smart phone is now limited. Now instead of eating up your last bit of monthly mobile phone data, why not just use a portable…
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When Will 5G Networks be available

When Will 5G Networks Be Available?

Currently in our digital age, technology is enhancing at a rapid rate. The average person spends 5 hours a day on their phone, so mobile connectivity is very important to us. But unfortunately, our current network systems cannot keep up to date with all the latest tech. When the launch of the VR head set…
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