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Avoid Those Winter-Sun Blues

Avoid Those WinterSun Blues Are you trying to avoid those wintersun blues? If so, then why sacrifice a Wi-Fi connection. A portable mobile broadband device is perfect for the job, here’s why… find the Huawei E5573 Mobile Broadband device here Why… A portable Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to have access to the internet wherever you […]

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41 Easter Holiday Essentials – The Ultimate Guide

41 Easter Holiday Essentials – The Ultimate Guide 41 Easter Holiday Essentials – The Ultimate Guide Are you planning your Easter break away? Watching Netflix’s Cleaning up with Marie Kondo and practicing the KonMari Method to work out how to organise all your clothes in the most efficient way in your suitcase? via GIPHY With […]

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On the Go Gaming – Honor Play Pro Pack

Are you a gamer? A photographer? A social media extraordinaire? When picking a phone that is right for you, you look through the list of things that makes the phone useful to you. Well with Honor’s new Play Pro device (and controller) you can be the gamer on the go! Screen The Honor Pro boasts […]

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It’s always useful to have a rundown of must-have travel essentials, whether you are a seasoned globe trotter or this is your first time travelling. To help avoid any mishaps we’ve put together a comprehensive international checklist. It is never too early to start planning your packing, hopefully our list will help relieve some of the stress of planning…

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Discover the Huawei P Smart- More for Less

The Huawei P Smart is known as the phone that has everything but is perfect for those who are on a budget. This device only retails for around £229 which is preferably low in price considering the 18:9 ratio, 5.665-inch screen, as well as the aluminium shell. DESIGN & DISPLAY… The Huawei P Smart has […]

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Huawei Matebook X Pro

DISPLAY Discover Huawei’s first ever notebook with a full view design, making the boarders unnoticeable and creating an overall seamless display. The Huawei Matebook X Pro has a 91% screen to body radio, giving you a revolutionary experience with a screen that can capture the world. Every detail on the Huawei Matebook X Pro will […]

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The Best Bits of Mobile World Congress

As we all know the Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest mobile events of the year. During this year’s MWC we saw lots of big brands showcase and announce all their new releases, some that stood out were Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Nokia. SAMSUNG Samsung has officially confirmed the Galaxy S9 and its […]

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Huawei E5577c vs TP-Link M7350

Huawei E5577c Vs TP-Link M7350

Mobile Broadband is a great cost effective solution for Wi-Fi on the go. There are many devices out there and a lot of them are vastly similar. When comparing the Huawei E5577c against the TP-Link M7350, putting looks aside, they have almost identical specifications. Huawei E5577c Height: 58mm Width: 96.8mm Depth: 13.5mm Weight: 82 grams […]

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Mobile World Congress City at night

Mobile World Congress 2018

What an exciting start to the year it has been so far… with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Assistants and Robotic Manufacturing expanding across the world. The next upcoming event is Mobile World Congress 2018. What even is Mobile World Congress? It is the largest mobile technology show in the world, with huge companies attending the show. Including Huawei, […]

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Artificial Intelligence Main Image of Sky scrapers

Artificial Intelligence at its Best – Huawei Mate 10 Pro

“Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro has the power to be so much more. Here is what happened when we pushed its object recognition to new limits – using it to pilot a driver-less car. Artificial Intelligence at its best.”    

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