ProductWiFi July 22, 2021

Our latest device - the B535-333

Huawei’s latest super-fast 4G router has been our number 1 bestseller and we are so excited to now have the B535-333 ready to sell! But
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WiFi October 3, 2017

When Will 5G Networks Be Available?

Currently in our digital age, technology is enhancing at a rapid rate. The average person spends 5 hours a day on their phone, so mobile
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WiFi July 21, 2017

Get with the Digital Age and Upgrade your Wi-Fi

Technology is constantly improving and getting more advanced every year, month and day. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up to date with
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WiFi July 7, 2017

Have You Checked Your Areas 4G Coverage?

Is your current 4G signal bad and your considering of changing your provider? Well make sure you check the 4G coverage within your area
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WiFi June 30, 2017

8 Reasons to Switch to a Wireless Router

Wired broadband in rural areas seems to be a problem across the UK. In urban areas, the telephone exchange tends to be close to homes;
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WiFi June 9, 2017

Moving Home Made Easy

There is a solution to combat this, so do not worry! After all that moving the last thing you need is more stress. Introducing the Huawei
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WiFi May 26, 2017

Advantages of Wireless Broadband

So what is mobile broadband? And what makes it different from your average home connection? Well, mobile broadband runs off 3G and 4G data.
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WiFi April 21, 2017

Driven Mad with Your Slow Wi-Fi?

There is nothing like getting home after a hard day, stepping into your comfort zone. Then rewarding yourself by spending the rest of your
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WiFi April 14, 2017

An Essential Companion for Travellers

The great escape to the outdoors is the perfect way to get one with nature and capture that perfect sunset. Or even better, sharing that
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WiFi April 7, 2017

Alternative LTE Tech For When Home Broadband Fails

Many people across the UK suffer with very slow broadband with minimum download and upload speeds. This can be a huge annoyance to home and
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WiFi March 31, 2017

Discover the Huawei E5577 LTE Hotspot

Huawei have announced their new 4G mobile hotspot E5577s-321. This device brings many advantages that you cannot miss out on. The E5577s is
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WiFi March 17, 2017

What is Car Wi-Fi?

WHAT IS IT? Car Wi-Fi is a USB device that plugs into the cigarette lighter slot within your car. It supplies you and your passengers a
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