When a Mobile Broadband or Handset product is replaced by new technology it is sometimes hard to resell as the device often has an network operators settings and branding. Livewire can offer a full debrand of the product and will assist in safe recycling or reselling of any device outside of the operators territory.

Full details of our partners upon request.

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The first step in our recycling process is to offer our clients the best price for their end of life products.

We can offer immediate pricing on any data product and usually can give a value per unit for a product instantly. Our diverse client base globally allows us to split shipments down to smaller order quantities to maximise the return on your end of life products.



Each unit will be visually checked for damage and sorted into one of three grades…

Grade A: This product is visually perfect with no imperfections or as supplied by the manufacturer.
Grade B: This product is used by the end user and has imperfections that can be repaired or refurbished.
Grade C: This product is beyond use or repair and will be cannibalised for parts or sent to be recycled for materials by one of our trusted partners.


This is where the fully trained technicians get to work. Each device is unlocked in house within our facility in the United Kingdom.

Livewire never use third parties to unlock devices and we understand our clients confidentially with regards to the lock codes. Once the device is unlocked the devices are checked for connectivity and if required battery condition.

It is at this point that the goods can be sorted again by grading and any faults on the devices can be sent to another team to be rectified.


Huawei is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile broadband modems and data cards. Most of the wireless devices manufactured are not sold directly from Huawei, but are re-branded and sold via the mobile network operators.

Network operators re-brand modems by printing their company logo on the device and customising the connection manager Mobile Partner software used to connect to the internet. For most users, this is not too much of a problem unless you want to unlock the modem and use it with another network or you require advanced features (e.g. enabling voice) that aren’t available in the network software.


In shipping communications equipment to sites for installation, packaging consumes a large amount of natural resources, timber especially. With its Green Supply Chain Solution, Huawei can help save 12,000 cubic meters of timber by way of recycling and reduce 6,172,000 tons every year.




Livewire Telecom endeavours to increase access to information and communication technology. In addition, we place great emphasis on sustainable development and the bridging of the digital divide.

Given its insight into the export control regulations, Huawei hereby promises that it will abide by all the export control regulations and international export management regulations related to its business activities.