realme Buds Air Neo

The R1 Chip utilizes a new generation of pairing technology, which intelligently detects realme Buds Air Neo the moment you open the charging case, and they connect instantly.

•Switch to the Super Low Latency Mode for a perfect sync between video and audio while playing games or watching movies. The latency is reduced by as much as 51%.
•The 13mm large sound unit uses high-quality polyurethane and titanium for an incredible sound experience. The flexibility of polyurethane combined with the rigidity of titanium allows realme Buds Air Neo to provide both deep, powerful bass and clear treble ranges.
•The Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) solution, created by realme’s expert acoustics team after countless rounds of testing, unlocks the bass potential and adds further dynamism and layers to the bass, for real heart-thumping music.
•Summon your Google Assistant, without even taking your phone out. Simply touch the realme Buds Air Neo for two second to activate, and you can ask questions, control your calls, music, adjust the volume, check the weather and more.

Height 40.5mm
Width 16.59mm
Depth 17.70mm
Boxed Weight 8.2g
Model realme Buds Air Neo
Colour Available White


realme Buds Air Neo

R1 True Wireless Chip in the realme Buds Air Neo uses a new generation of dual-channel transmission technology, creating a fast and stable connection between your phone and your realme Buds Air Neo. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you’ll always get an outstanding true wireless experience.


Warranty 2 Years
Weight Earphones: 4.1g (Single earphone)

Charging Box: 30.5g

Waterproof Level IPX4 (earphones)
Frequency Range 20Hz - 20000Hz
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0
Wireless Range 10 M (30ft) / Class 11



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