Huawei Omni Antenna AF79

Bringing to you the Huawei Omni Antenna AF79, it will help extend and stabilise your signal.

• Provides you with a stable and fast internet connection
• Speeds up your network and boosts your transfer speeds
• Antenna works on E5577, E5788, E5785, E5577s
• Two simple ways to install

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Height 170mm
Width 170mm
Depth 31.8mm
Colour White
Working temperature -40 °C ~ + 60°C
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Huawei Omni Antenna AF79

By speeding up your network and boosting your transfer speeds, the Huawei Omni Antenna AF79 will provide you with a stable and fast internet connection. If your Huawei E5577, E5788, E5785 or E5577s device has a weak Wi-Fi signal, this external Antenna will help extend and improve your signal and transfer speeds allowing you to roam the internet problem free.


There are two simple and quick ways to install the Antenna. The first one being to hang it on the wall and the second being putting it on a table.


The Huawei Omni Antenna AF79 provides you with a fast internet connection. It also speeds up your network and boosts your transfer speeds.


Frequency range 698MHz ~ 960MHz
1427MHz ~ 1500MHz
1710MHz ~ 2690MHz
3400MHz ~3800MHz
VSWR ≤3.0@698MHz ~ 960MHz
1427MHz ~1500MHz
≤2.0@1710MHz ~ 2690MHz
7 ± 1dBi@3400MHz ~ 3800MHz
Input impedance 50Ω
Peak gain (without cable loss) 2.5±1dBi@968MHz ~ 960MHz
3±1dBi@1427MHz ~ 1500MHz
4.5±1dBi@1710MHz ~ 2690MHz
7±1dBi@3400MHz ~ 3800MHz
Polarization Dual polarization
Azimuth Beam Pattern Omni-directional
Maximum Input Power 4W
Connector type TS-9*2
Cable 5 ± 0.1m
DC impedance ≤ 1.5K
Mounting Placed by the window



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