Huawei E5573 (US)

Bringing you the Huawei E5573, it permits you to instantly get online to the Internet whenever and wherever you want.

• This device is the perfect travel companion as it has wide band of frequencies in the US
• The Huawei E5573 comes unlocked so you can choose your own network provider
• Produce a Wi-Fi hotspot that can can connect up to 16 devices
• Rapid download speeds of 150 Mbps, enjoy your incredibly fast Internet experience

The Huawei E5573 has a sleek modern design and is very portable, see more specs below…

Height 58 mm
Width 96.9 mm
Depth 12.8 mm
Weight Around 95 grams
Model E5573
Colour Available White


Huawei E5573Cs-509

Connect up to 16 Wi-Fi devices to the Huawei E5573. Download films, music and videos with the ultra-fast 4G download speed. This particular version of the Huawei E5573 can be used in the US. This includes South America and Canada. As all our devices come unlocked you can use the best network for your area. This is ideal if you frequently travel as it’s a pocket Wi-Fi device that will allow you to stay connected wherever you go.

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Communication System LTE FDD/ DC-HSPA+/
Wi-Fi Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8,
Windows 8.1, Windows 10
(does not support Windows
MAC OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
and 10.12 with latest upgrades
Antenna Built-in LTE/GSM/UMTS
Main Antenna
Built-in LTE/UMTS
Diversity Antenna
Built-in WLAN Antenna
Form LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot
Micro SD Card Slot Up to 32 GB
Download Speed 150 Mbps
Upload Speed 50 Mbps
Wi-Fi Connection Number 16 Wi-Fi Devices
Battery Type Li (Rechargeable)
Capacity 1500 mAh
Working Time Up to 6 Hours
Stand-by Time Up to 300 Hours


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