Huawei E3531

Bringing to you the Huawei E3531, a high-speed 3G dongle that provides you with a secure and reliable Internet connection.

• The Huawei 3G Dongle is unlocked to all networks so use a sim card of your choice
• The device reaches high speeds up to 21 Mbps
• A superb travel companion, have Internet access whenever and wherever you want

The Huawei E3531 has a slim fit and compact design, see more specs below…

Height 84.5 mm
Width 27 mm
Depth 10.5 mm
Weight Around 30 grams
Model E3531
Colour Available White and Black


Huawei E3531

Travelling to a different country and have no access to the Internet? Purchase a Huawei E3531 and you will have no problem connecting to the Internet abroad as all our devices come unlocked you can use a data sim card that is best for the area you're in. The slim, compact, and user-friendly design sports flowing curves made with matte materials for a natural and comfortable feel. The one key blends elegance and practicality to deliver portable network in style.

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Form 3G USB Modem
Micro SD
Card Slot
Up to 32 GB
Download Speed 21.6 Mbps
Upload Speed 5.76 Mbps
Receiver Diversity Yes
External Interfaces USB 2.0 High Speed
Micro SD Slot
SIM/ USIM card
Hi-Link Features Driver Free, Zero
Installation, Auto
Maximum Power
 <3.0 W


Power Supply  5V/ 500 mA
HSPA+/UMTS 2100/
1900/ 900/ 850 MHz
Operating System Windows XP, Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 8Mac OS X 10.6 and


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