Huawei B618

The Huawei B618 is a wireless gateway that integrates LTE and high-speed Ethernet uplink access, which provides users with flexible and diversified data access and voice services.

• Huawei Router is unlocked to all networks, so use the sim of your choice
• Produce a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting up to 64 devices with a powerful Wi-Fi coverage
• 4G Router supports a rapid download speed of 600 Mbps as it uses CAT11
• Able to connect to your tablet, handset, gaming console, laptop and many more

A stylish and slim design to fit in perfectly with your home furniture, see more specs below…

Height 208 mm
Width 95 mm
Depth 95 mm
Weight Around 700 grams
Model B618
Colour Available White


Huawei B618

Insert a sim card of your choice as the device is fully UNLOCKED to all networks. Huawei B618 pushes and eliminates black spots giving you a smooth and quick Internet connection. It is not just your average router as it supplies you and 63 other devices an incredible 600 Mbps download speed.


The Huawei B618 has been fully unlocked meaning you can insert a data sim card of your choice. This is a great advantage as you can use the best network for your area.


Introducing CAT11, now giving you faster download speed up to 600 Mpbs. Get online quicker than ever and experiance better signal with the support of external interface.


Form LTE Cat11 Wi-Fi Router
Download Spped 600 Mpbs
Upload Speed 50 Mpbs
Wi-Fi Connection
64 Devices
LED Indicators 1x Power Indicator
1x Internet Status Indicator
1x Mode Inticator
1x WLAN/WPS Indicator
1x LAN Indicator
1x Group Of Signal Strenth
Buttons 1x Power ON or OFF button
1x WPS button
1x Reset button
Antenna Built-in LTE/UMTS/GSM
primary antenna
Built-in. LTE/UMTS
secondary antenna
Built-in WLAN 2.4G
Built-in WLAN 5G antenna
External Port 1x power adapter port
1x LAN port (RJ45)
1x LAN/WAN port (RJ45)
1x Phone port (RJ11)
2x external LTE antenna
ports (TS-9)
1x Micro-SIM card slot
1x USB 2.0 port (Supports
a maximum
of 500mA current)
Wi-Fi Protocol IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ar
Power Consumption <24W
Power Supply AC: 100V-240V
DC: 12V/2A
System Requirements Windows 7, Windows 8,
Windows 8.1, Windows 10
(does not support Windows
MAC OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
and 10.10 with latest upgrdes.


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