Huawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E

Fit for the next generation of WiFi, the Huawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E is a signal boosting antenna which helps you maintain a fast internet.

  • Frequency Range: 3300-4200 MHz / Peak Gain: 14dBi
  • External antenna interface, 2*TS-9 for N77/N78 only.
  • Directional high gain antenna for outdoor use / Enhanced 5G Signal.
  • Integrated with smart signal test tool (direct from 5G CPE Pro to ensure the accuracy of the result) which is easy for antennas direction adjustment.
  • Various easy installation methods such as: wall, pole which meet all kinds of home scenes.
Height 180 mm
Width 180 mm
Depth 30 mm
Weight Around 1700 grams
Model Huawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E
Colour Available White


Huawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E

The Huawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E is a 5G capable antenna for extending the signal of your current 4G home broadband or boosting the signal of your new 5G Device. The max speed the antenna can help you achieve is 1.65Gbps.


Frequency Band

N77(3300~3800 MHz)/78/41



DL/UL Peak throughput

2.33Gbps/1.25GMbps (@100MHz,full ratio) 1.65Gbps/250Mbps (@100M,D/U 8:2 ratio)

WiFi Protocol 802.11ax 4*4

Inner antenna gain

About 6dBi for N77/N78/N79


H, Power, Reset


RJ45(GE)*2, RJ11*1, TS-9*2, Power*1, SIM*1(4FF)


5G, 4G, WiFi


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