Moving Home Made Easy

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There is a solution to combat this, so do not worry! After all that moving the last thing you need is more stress. Introducing the Huawei B315, a wireless network hotspot that gives you and your family a 4G Wi-Fi connection. But don’t add limits on this device, as it isn’t just for moving home, it is great for many other things such as holidays, small companies or keeping it as your home router. This device has many benefits, such as…


There are no installation fees for this product. You simply just need a SIM card and the product, then you can get online browsing in no time.


A secure download speed of 150 Mbps. Allowing you to stream or download videos, large files in no time! Although it is always recommended to look for the best SIM provider in your area to ensure you get the best connection as possible.


All devices come with VoIP which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means you can make and receive phone calls through your Internet. This feature can save you money.


The Huawei B315 has a stylish and slim design that will fit in well with your home furniture. It is also light weight (275 grams) and has the dimensions of 18.6cm (Length) x 13.9cm (Depth) x 4.6 cm (Width).


Here at Livewire Telecom, we can offer the Huawei B315 fully UNLOCKED, which means you can use any SIM provider. This can save you money as providers are competitive, so this means you get to pick the cheapest deal for your area.

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