Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband Device


Home Broadband often stays in just one location, usually within a home or an office. But with Mobile Broadband you can still access an online connection whilst being out and about. This is great for students, travellers and commuters who need an inexpensive solution to get online when on the move. Mobile Broadband allows you to feel freedom like never before, as you can use the Internet wherever and whenever.


Mobile Broadband technology allows you to get online through a mobile network such as EE, Giff Gaff or Three. The set-up process is simple. Just insert a data SIM card (specified for Internet use) and you’ll be online in no time. As there are so many competing network providers out there, you can choose the best deal and save yourself money in the long run.

Mobile Broadband is available in many different devices. Some of the main device formats would be a USB Dongle, Wi-Fi Dongle, Pocket Wi-Fi, Wireless Router and Car Wi-Fi.

In some rural areas, the network coverage can be weak. A repeater extender can boost your current signal and enhance your Wi-Fi radius. It is the perfect cost effective solution to boost your weak Wi-Fi signal and minimise black spots.


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