How to Improve your Internet Connection during Lockdown

Since the beginning of Coronavirus lockdown, the UK has seen the daily internet usage more than double. This has led to an increased demand for alternative Wi-Fis. Enabling users to work from home, study and stay connected to their loved ones.

How can you improve your internet connection?

Home Wi-Fi’s

Our range of home Wi-Fi’s offer a unique advantage over standard Wi-Fi. When you order a home Wi-Fi, just insert an active data sim-card into the device. Connect to it the same way you would with a generic Wi-Fi.

You can transport the device at your convenience, so if you are staying with a family member without Wi-Fi, you can take the device with you and stay connected.

Huawei B311: Being our cheapest home Wi-Fi, it is ideal for those working from home but on a budget.

Huawei B535: As our best seller, for just forty pounds more, you will have a device capable of up to twice the internet speed.

Huawei AI Cube: A great device if you are looking to improve your internet connection, but it also has an Alexa enabled smart speaker.

Huawei B618: Ideal for businesses, if you run your business from home, you can ensure this device will support the requirements of your online business.

Huawei 5G CPE Pro: Although this is on the higher end of the price spectrum with 5G becoming increasingly accessible. Meaning you will be future proof with 5g capability.

Mobile Wi-Fi’s (Mi-Fi)

Mobile Wi-Fi’s are pocket versions of home Wi-Fi’s, ideal for those on the move. These products can provide wireless Wi-Fi coverage whilst your working from home.

Benefits of mobile Wi-Fi’s are that they are a lot cheaper with prices starting from £29.99. All Mi-Fi's are wireless unlike our home Wi-Fi’s, so you can transport them to your garage, car or the garden.

Huawei E5330: As our cheapest mobile Wi-Fi operating on a 3G band frequency, it is ideal for those on a budget and don’t require high speeds.

Huawei E5576: One of our best sellers, whilst still on the low end of the price spectrum, it offers 4G with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

Huawei E5885: A perfect device for travellers, it is not only a mobile Wi-Fi, but a power bank and a LAN to WLAN converter.

Huawei 5G Mobile Wi-Fi Pro: At the top end of mobile Wi-Fi. It is the first MiFi which supports 5G frequency bands, ideal for business trips and those who like to game. Allowing non-5G devices to access 5G speeds. Users can also charge their phones wirelessly or use the various charging ports.


These are smaller and even more portable than MiFi’s. Making them ideal for plugging into your laptop or any other device with a USB port.

Some benefits of Dongles are they can be used without any device. By simply inserting it into a plug or a USB enabled plug socket, allowing Wi-Fi in a specific location.

Huawei E3372:  A Cheap dongle priced at £37.99 which provides high 4G speeds without taking up loads of space.

Huawei E8372: Although a very similar device, it can enable up to 10 devices instead of one, acting as a dongle and a MiFi.

We provide a free Smarty sim with every order placed, so all you will need to do is activate this online and choose the right data plan for you. Alternatively, our devices come unlocked to any network if you already have a sim of your own. On our YouTube channel we have a video about Smarty Mobile for more information.

Wi-Fi devices which we stock are cheaper than generic Wi-Fi because you are not tied into a monthly contract. You own the device outright and you can cancel your sim card at your convenience.


Purchasing an outdoor antenna ensures you will reach the full capability of your devices 5G frequency bands, enabling you to reach faster speeds.

One of the benefits of this device is that it is integrated with a smart signal test tool. Providing you with the best location for the antenna to reach its maximum speed. It is also simple to install with a wall and pole mount.

Huawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E: An antenna such as this one is ideal for extending the signal of your 5G home broadband or to boost your 5G devices current 4G signal.

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