Huawei Launching 5G is Just Around The Corner

Huawei Launching 5G Is Just Around The Corner

China’s Huawei is dedicated to launch 5G in Australia around 2020.

In Munich, Huawei built a test network so that it’s partners could develop communications applications for technologies that 5G will promote, such as networks of connected cars, connected robots, drones and holographic communications. Huawei has been testing 5G networks with customers around the world.

Dr Soldani stated 5G, a new developing wireless standard replacing current 4G, is capable of trillions of connections and mission critical machine communications with a delay of 1 millisecond of latency. It was expected to reach speeds 10x higher than the latest releases of LTE.

Consider a theoretical 100 megabyte file transfer. In 1996, at the then common modem rate, it would take almost 8 hours. At a typical ADSL rate, the transfer would take less than 3 minutes, but at 10 Gbps, less than 1/100 second.

He said Huawei had achieved much faster speeds than that. “We had already achieved that speed in the cellular band which is below 6 Gigahertz, the spectrum where the 5G will be deployed,” he said. ”At the beginning (of the rollout), the main utilisation of spectrum will be in the cellular band.

Huawei have been working with researchers on the development of 5G protocols around the world. Including testing different protocols in China, Canada and Europe.

Huawei, working with Russia’s MegaFon, is to conduct trials of 5G at FIFA World Cup 2018 and a separate trial in South Korea in 2018. Lastly, Japan at their summer Olympics.

5G will be accessible in Australia just after 2020, as Huawei are keen to develop technology to meet Australian needs. European Commission is investing 700 million euros in 5G, similar to China, Korea, Japan and US.

Huawei is not the only one wanting to seek 5G for Australia. Telstra has announced a partnership with Ericsson to make 5G available on it’s network

Originally posted by 'The Australian' on December 1st 2015.

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