Huawei E5577c Vs TP-Link M7350

Mobile Broadband is a great cost effective solution for Wi-Fi on the go. There are many devices out there and a lot of them are vastly similar. When comparing the Huawei E5577c against the TP-Link M7350, putting looks aside, they have almost identical specifications.

Huawei E5577c

Height: 58mm
Width: 96.8mm
Depth: 13.5mm
Weight: 82 grams

TP-Link M7350

Height: 66mm
Width: 106mm
Depth: 16 mm
Weight: 118 grams


When it comes to looks, these devices share similar in sizes but the overall design is very different. The M7350 is only available in black and has rounded corners. The overall design is very sleek and well compact. The E5577c is also very compact and is available in either white or black. Both these devices have a very simplistic design, which makes them easy to use.


When comparing the batteries within the devices there is a difference in capacity size, the Huawei E5577 has a great battery although it is only 1500 mAh and the TP-Link M7350 has a battery size of 2000 mAh. This means the Huawei E5577c has a working time of 6 hours whereas the TP-Link M7350 has a working time of 8 hours, although this depends how heavily the device is used.


Huawei E5577c TP-Link M7350
CATEGORY Pocket Wi-Fi Pocket Wi-Fi
10 10
MICRO SD CARD Up to 32 GB Up to 32 GB
SCREEN DISPLAY Colour Display Colour Display
BATTERY 1500 mAh 2000 mAh


So looking at both devices you can see they are very comparable, apart from the battery size the overall specifications are very close in comparison. So, deciding which ones better all comes down to personal preference, as both devices are very easy to use and set up. But another interesting factor to consider is the price, The TP-Link M7350 retails at the price £74.48 and the Huawei E5577c retails at the price £69.99


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