Huawei E5573 vs TP-Link M7300

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If you are planning to go travelling or commuting any time soon you might be considering a Pocket Wi-Fi device. There is a vast variety of Mobile Broadband devices to choose from and although this can be considered a good thing if you know what you are looking for, but if you don’t it might be difficult to find what device suites you. If we were to compare the Huawei E5573 and the TP-Link M7300 together they are very similar devices. They are both pocket Wi-Fi devices and share very similar specifications.


Huawei E5573 Huawei E5573

Height: 58 mm
Width: 96.9 mm
Depth: 12.8 mm

tplink m7300 TP-Link M7300

Height: 63 mm
Width: 102.6 mm
Depth: 16 mm

As you can see both devices are very alike in dimensions, although the Huawei E5573 is slightly smaller. Judging on looks alone the TP-Link M7300 has sharper sides, whereas the Huawei E5573 has smoother sides. But both devices are very portable and lightweight, so perfect for when you are on the move.

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In both devices the battery is rechargeable, although the TP-Link has a slightly larger battery than the Huawei E5573. The TP-Link M7300 has a battery size of 2000 mAh that gives you 10 hours working time, while the Huawei E5773 has a battery size of 1500 mAh and that gives you 6 hours working time.

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Huawei E5573 TP- Link M7300
CATEGORY Pocket Wi-Fi Pocket Wi-Fi
10 Wireless Wi-Fi Devices 10 Wireless Wi-Fi Devices
Up to 32GB Up to 32GB
ANTENNA Internal Antenna Internal Antenna
APP HiLink App tpMiFi App


Both the devices work with an app and this can be useful to control and view your data usage. The devices can be unlocked, this means you are able to choose your network provider and get the best possible deal and connection for your area for your area. The Huawei E5573 retails at the price of £85.47 whereas the TP-Link M7300 retails at the prices of £93.79, so they are quite similar in price.


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