How to Set Up Mobile Broadband the Right Way

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So, in case you didn’t already know, Mobile Broadband is another way to get online and have Internet access. Mobile Broadband shouldn’t always be considered as a second alternative as it has many benefits. Mobile Broadband devices have little to no wires making them mess free, they are wireless, compact and most importantly they are portable. There are so many different devices to choose from and they all have different features.


Now that you know what Mobile Broadband is, the next step is choosing your device. At this point you might want to do some research to find what device will best suit you. If you are looking for a general Router for the entire house then we would recommend a Wi-Fi Router. We have a selection of devices to choose from, so take a look! But if you are looking for a device that will work while you are on the move then we recommend a Pocket Wi-Fi device. These give you Internet access wherever you are and you can connect multiple devices to them. Although if you are not a heavy online user then we recommend a Wi-Fi Dongle or USB Dongle. These devices are designed for basic usage.


So hopefully by now you have chosen the perfect Mobile Broadband device for yourself and you are now ready to set it up. Some advice we will give you when setting up your devices is choosing the correct network for your area. When you purchase a device from us it will arrive unlocked, meaning you can choose any network provider you want. Some providers you can use are EE, O2 or Vodafone. Once you have found the best cost effective network provider for your area, then you can order a SIM card for your device.

After this, the setup process is rather simple but it might differ between device. The general setup process is to insert the SIM card, turn the device on and then connect your devices to the signal. It couldn’t be any easier. One thing you should consider is the SIM size, so when you order a SIM make sure it is the correct one for your device.

Let us know how you got on and if you have any problems then contact us!


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