How to Get Broadband without a Landline

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Paying for a unnecessary phone line can be frustrating, especially if you are not a heavy Wi-Fi user. Or maybe you require broadband but do not have access to a phone line. Fortunately, there is a solution for everyone and it is mobile broadband! One of the best advantages of Mobile Wi-Fi is that there are a wide variety of devices to choose from. Plus, if you buy a device that is unlocked your connections are far more flexible as your Wi-Fi can move with you and not be tied down in one location.

Mobile Broadband

So, what is there first step to getting Mobile Broadband? Easy, pick a device. The main categories of mobile Wi-Fi devices are…

A Mobile Wi-Fi Router is ideal for homes and if you are planning on connecting a large number of devices to the network. But if you are planning to be on the move a lot, then pocket Wi-Fi or a Dongle is for you. The second stage of setting up your mobile Wi-Fi is finding a network provider suitable for you. Purchase a device from us and it will come unlocked, then you are able to choose any provider and pick the best network for your area.

But I suppose the biggest question is if it’s cost effective and most importantly is it better or equal to Landline Broadband. And the answer is yes and yes. When you choose a network provider you would look at the one that provides the best signal for your area. But, as there are so many network competitors out there they are constantly competing to give out the best price, meaning you get the better end of the stick. Plus, with Mobile Broadband you are free from contracts and can cancel whenever you want.

The average rate of what you'll be paying a month will depend on how much time you spend online. Some of the recommended network providers to go with are EE, Vodafone and O2.

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