Hit the Road and Stay Connected

Long road going into the distance surrounded by trees

Do family car journeys drive you mad? Or are you a taxi driver that simply wants to up their game and improve their customer experience? Introducing the Huawei E8377… Enjoy instant Car Wi-Fi for you and your passengers, connecting up to 10 gadgets at once! Now that should keep the kids busy and the customers happy.

But it does not stop there, this handy device can be used in motor homes, vans and caravans. With little limitations, you can stay connected whilst on the move enhancing your overall travel experience. There is no cap when it comes to device connectivity, you can get your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even gaming console online with just the start of your ignition! What more could you ask for?

To top this all off Huawei offer an app which can be downloaded on either your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to control your E8377 device, plus you can manage any other devices that are across the same network.


  • Examining signal strength
  • Capping your data usage
  • View and disconnect all devices using your hotspot
  • Save and back up files onto the Car-Fi Micro SD Card
  • Enable parent control
  • Be able to set up a guest Wi-Fi network to improve security of home network

As you can see below that the Huawei E8377 has a sleek, smooth and extremely stylish design, so not only does it given an outstanding performance it looks good as well.

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