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Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing, but do you find that some parts of your home lack a good connection? Or maybe you require a Wi-Fi connection in your garden or out of your house. But do not worry, you do not need to buy a whole new router package to get a better signal, you just need one small device. This is a cost effect solution for those who wish to extend the range of an existing Wi-Fi network. This can be used in a home, shop, office and more!


Introducing the Huawei WS320 Repeater Extender. A simple device that is the solution to all your Wi-Fi problems. You are able to use more than one device on the same network connection, this means you can provide your home or office with fantastic signal strength. The Huawei WS320 can be placed anywhere in your home or work place, the best part is that you can avoid the need for expensive cabling and additional routers.

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The Huawei WS320 is easy to set up with only a few simple steps, the only thing you need to require is an empty plug socket. All you have to do is…

  1. Plug WS320 into a power socket
  2. Press the ‘pairing’ button (WPS) on the existing Wi-Fi router
  3. Press the ‘pairing’ button on the Huawei WS320
  4. Wait a few seconds, the status light on the WS320 will turn green
  5. The device will begin to replay the existing Wi-Fi signal using the same network name (SSID) and password (encryption)
  6. Devices can be seamlessly connected to the Wi-Fi network as normal

Most recent Wi-Fi Routers will have WPS, but if it is not available then a web-based setup administration console will guide the user though the steps that will configure the device. More information on the Huawei WS320 or if you wish to make a purchase then it is available on Amazon.


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