Get with the Digital Age and Upgrade your Wi-Fi

Get with the Digital Age and Upgrade your Wi-Fi Baner copy

Technology is constantly improving and getting more advanced every year, month and day. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up to date with all the latest trends and technology, especially as you grow older and busier.


But, one tech trend we recommend to keep up to date with is Wi-Fi. We all use it but you can’t always be sure you are getting the best possible deal and connection. As technology enhances we become even more reliant on Wi-Fi and wireless technology. But unfortunately, not many of us do a lot of research before we select a provider and device. This is mostly due to our old habit of using a standard Router and Ethernet/ Phone line cable. Although you can have the option to upgrade to Fibre Broadband, there are far more advanced ways of getting online that are not online better but cost effective.


We can both agree that 4G/ 5G connections are very advanced. They allow instant access to online browsing and apps wherever we are and at any time. More funding is being put into Digital Communications and is estimated that 1 billion will be invested by 2020. So far 90% of the UK is considered to have a strong 4G coverage. With ongoing research 5G will soon be on the way, hopefully for 2020. But most people seem to think that Mobile Broadband is only limited to our phones and tablets, where in fact you can have 4G/ 5G connections on any device.


Mobile Broadband is a wireless Internet connection that allows you to get online wherever and whenever. Best of all it allows you to get multiple devices online, not just one. Some of the key benefits of Mobile Broadband is that it allows Internet access in rural areas, this is beneficial for people who have poor connection with an Ethernet cable. Another benefit is that you don’t have to pay for a Phone line cable, that extra cost a month can add up and can be especially bothersome if you don’t even use a home phone. There are so many benefits, Internet access whenever and wherever you go with so many different devices to choose from.


For home Wi-Fi we recommend the Huawei B315 Router, it is just like any other router except it runs on Mobile Broadband. If you travel a lot and need Wi-Fi on the move then we recommend the high-speed Huawei E5885 pocket Wi-Fi, this is a great device and can double up as a power bank.

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