Get a Wi-Fi Boost with HUAWEI A1 Wi-Fi Booster

Do you suffer from dead zones and black spots in your home?

Surprisingly, a huge amount of people suffer from this problem across the UK. Luckily, there are solutions out there it is just finding the right one. If your main problem is interrupted Wi-Fi, or not being able to receive a Wi-Fi connection in particular rooms, a ‘Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System’ is highly advised.


HUAWEI’s brand new mesh system you can easily build and extend your own Wi-Fi to make a reliable, full-strength and ultra-fast Internet coverage. Anywhere and anytime throughout your home. This excellent device ensures seamless Wi-Fi roaming when you move around from room to room, just by placing three of the A1 Routers across your home.

Not only

does the Wi-Fi boosters just extend your Wi-Fi, but the device extends your download speed to a potential 1 Gbps. Bearing in mind 4G download speeds reach up to 150 Mbps, so this an incredible increase.

Diagram of Whole Home WiFi

Best of all

, you do not need to replace your current Wi-Fi, the device configures with your existing router. A simple and easy 2-step process, just set-up your primary router with Huawei Hi-Link App and the sub router will automatically update the information.

Now, when it comes to your online safety, the importance is huge as you want to have a safe and secure Wi-Fi network. Huawei have implemented an anti-brute force algorithm, preventing any un-wanted and outside access to your network. Keeping you and your home network more stable and more secure.

So, instead of replacing your Wi-Fi altogether or spending a huge amount extra, look at extending your existing Wi-Fi with a Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System. As you can purchase Huawei A1 3-pack for just £179.99. Amazon currently have a special offer with 17% off, saving you a staggering £30.00. Purchase yours today before the offer expires!

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