Huawei Band Pro 2 Fitness, Sport, Sleep Tracker – Review

Huawei Band Pro 2 Fitness, Sport, Sleep Tracker Review

Huawei’s Professional GPS Tracker is packed with incredible features  – The best sleep monitor tracker AND running coach, all for under £100.

This week I tested out the Huawei Band 2 Pro, an activity tracker you wear around your wrist, just like a watch. It tracks all of your daily and sporty activities, has a build in GPS and a heart rate monitor. You can use the band with or without your phone, but I think using it together with your phone completes it.


Quick Overview

When I received the Band, I was super excited, I am a sporty girl and I love to be moving and to be outdoors. I was really curious about how much I would move in a day and if it could really track all my activities. To use the Band on your phone, you need to install the Huawei Health app. Once you installed that, it is really easy to connect the two. In the app, you go to ‘my devices’ and you add the Smart Band. You only need to do that once. It connects by a Bluetooth connection and every time you turn on Bluetooth, the data on the phone and Band synchronises.


Incredible Battery Life

The Band is made of stainless steel and plastic with a band of silicon. It is not heavy on the wrist, and it has a small long screen. There is just one button to use, underneath the screen. The screen is big enough to see all the information but when you go outside it gets harder to see. You need to block the light with your hand to see it well. The battery life is incredible, I used it full time for a week, even during the night to track my sleep, and I only had to charge it twice.



hand reaching out of the sea with fitness band

Screen Display

The start screen shows the time and date, the steps you walked in the day and the battery life. The second screen shows the steps you took that day and it’s a sub-menu for all the activity results you have for that day. You can enter all the sub-menus by holding down the button.

Here you will find the total of your steps, the time you slept, the kilometres you ran, the calories you have burned, the time you were moving and the time you sat still. The third screen is the heart monitor, here you can check your heart beat per minute. For me that was a very big plus, because with your heart rate, it also calculates the number of calories you burn within the exercises. The last screen I only used once to try, it’s to calm down your breathing. I do a lot of yoga with different breathing techniques so I personally don’t really need it. But it can be handy for people who need it.


What Sport can you track?

There are 3 different sports you can track, outdoor run, outdoor cycle and swim. The Band has a build in GPS, when you do start your exercise you hold down the activity of your choice and your activity is monitored. For running, it monitors your whole run and you can see all the data, like your speed and the path you went back on the map of the app. The band gives a notification every time you run a kilometre, by giving a little vibration and for me that is a good motivator. You can start a personal running plan, where the watch gives you a notification that it’s your day to run. I used this option for my hikes and walks too.


surfing abroad

Water Resistant

I am a surfer and I am in the water a lot, so I used the swim option to track my time and calories burned during my surfing. The first time it was a little hard to find out how to start the program, you need to knock twice with the knuckles when the wrist is steady, that information is given on the watch itself. But I couldn’t get it to work. I knocked with my knuckles, knocked on my surfboard, I knocked on the watch but nothing happened.

I decided to let it be and test the sustainability instead. It was a good day for it because the sea was pretty rough and I had to turtle dive (turning upside down with the board under the wave just before the white water or the broken wave hits you) a lot to avoid some breaking waves during my session. The watch was working fine and the material is strong enough to stay on your wrist without worries. I tried a couple times to get the watch in its swim mode, but it didn’t work. When I came home, I tried again and after a lot of knocks on the bottom, it worked. This function is not easy to turn on and off, you need to give it a couple of shots and when the Band gets wet it gets even harder. Now I turn it on just before I enter the water and I turn it off when I am out.


Favourite Function, Sleep Tracker

For me the best function of the watch is the Sleep tracker, the device tracks your sleep and with the app you can see what stages of sleep you were in and how healthy your sleep was. You get the percentage and time of all the sleep stages you were in, and an explanation on how to improve them. In the app, you also get tips on sleep times and sleep habits. I found this really interesting and I think it works really good, healthy sleep is so important. One thing I did notice is that the moment I wake up in the middle of the night for longer than a couple of minutes, the Band stops tracking and the information stays incomplete.

Motivating you, To do more Exercise

What I really like about the Band is that it motivates me to move, when the step-counter reaches the 10.000 steps the Band vibrates and lets me know I reached my goal for the day. Most of the days I am far over the goal (I think I am going to adjust the standard goal in the app) but if I not, I would go an extra round around the block. When working behind the computer, the Band vibrated to warn me I was sitting still for a long time and reminded me to do some exercise. Overall I am very happy with the Band and I think it is an excellent sport/activity and sleep tracker.


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Review Written by: Sharlene West, on 19th June 2018.


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