Discover Huawei's First Intelligent CAT16 Wi-Fi Hotspot

Finally, the day is here! Huawei have announced their first intelligent CAT16 Wi-Fi hotspot. This device is one of the most advanced mobile Wi-Fi hotspots released this year. The E5788u-96a is a huge step up from the Huawei E5787, supplying you with the most up to date technology all packed inside this incredible device. Tap on the E5788's touchscreen to connect and enjoy hours of entertainment. Available from Livewire Telecom, providing the highest level of reliable technology to our customers.


The E5788 is designed to stay connected to the internet whilst on the move. Everything you do at home can be done whenever and wherever you are. Not only does the hotspot enhance your travel experience, it also keeps family and friends happy as you can connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets. This includes tablets, phones, laptops, and even games consoles.

CAT16 Wi-fi hotspot

Discover lightning fast internet speeds like never before as the Huawei E5788 has ultra fast download speeds reaching up to 1Gbps. Not to mention upload speeds of 150 Bit/s. This device has the best LTE 6 capabilities: 4X4MIMO. The Huawei E5788 is considered as one of the most fastest Mobile Broadband devices in the world.

Travelling to a different country and have no access to the Internet? Purchase the Huawei E5788 and you will be online in no time. With the Huawei E5788, you get everything you need in one device, including mega fast download speeds (1Gbps) and long battery life.

The Huawei E5788u-96a is unlocked to all networks. This means you can choose the best network provider for your area since the device will not be locked to just one SIM provider. This is handy for people that frequently travel due to many countries having different networks to others.

To top this all off, receive more power while consuming less energy. An intelligent power management system makes your 3,000mAh battery last for a staggering 12 hours.

If you want to see more information on the Huawei E5788u-96a. Click here.


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