Connecting Mongolia GER Internet

Watch how Unitel and Huawei are providing reliable internet to the people of Mongolia.

With a small population spread over an immensely sparse area of land with very few resources, providing internet to the majority of the country is a difficult task. Of the 850,000 households, a massive 82% do not have access to home broadband. This is since many in Mongolia live a nomadic lifestyle, living in extremely remote areas far from any network towers.

With internet access, the people of Mongolia will have access to remote education, vital news updates, and be able to connect to others around the world. Before 2017, fewer than 1,000 households in Mongolia had at least 300kbps internet speeds outside the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

In their partnership, Unitel and Huawei have built a service that they have called 'Ger Internet'. Here, they are providing the country with 1,198 base stations to create a nationwide 4G LTE network, reducing the digital divide between the country's provinces. Currently, with much success, the service has provided coverage for 94% of the entire country.

Since its January 2017 launch, over 50,000 households, 1,200 businesses, and a total of 200,000 individuals have used Ger Internet to connect. With the current success of this partnership between Unitel and Huawei, it is hoped that even more remote areas around the world can become better connected to the internet and the rest of the world in the near future.

"A Mongolian boy's story enriched by broadband connectivity. Unitel and Huawei's disruptive, innovative WTTx (fixed wireless access), connects tens of thousands Mongolian of families to the Internet."

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