Can I use 4G for Home Internet

Can I use 4G for home Internet

So the big question is… ‘Can I use 4G as my home internet?’ And the answer is yes, you can. Many of you will find that roaming data off your phone can be faster than your actual home broadband. Now, this can be frustrating if you’re paying a lot on a monthly plan and the other party isn’t upholding their other end of the deal. This is typically most seen in rural areas as the longer your telephone line is, the slower your connection will be. And the lower the population in your area, the lower the priority you’ll be as it costs money to upgrade the broadband cabinet in your area. Even with the new fibre broadband, it is most likely that it is only part fibre and the rest copper. So, switching to Mobile Broadband is a great solution if others have failed you, especially if you work from home and need a reliable network.

There is a variety of different products that produce 3G/ 4G Wi-Fi, so you are able to pick and choose a device that best suits you. A few different types of Mobile Wi-Fi are…


A Pocket Wi-Fi allows you to instantly get online when and where you want. So, if you are on the move or tend to be in multiple locations a day, your hotspot Internet connection will move with you. The pocket-sized device will happily fit in your bag, they are designed to be small for travel purposes. You can connect multiple wireless gadgets (the average connection number for a hotspot is 10 devices).

A product we recommend is the Huawei E5770s.


A Wireless Wi-Fi Router is similar to a home wired broadband but works in a different way. You insert a data sim card provided by a mobile phone network: EE etc. This then gives you Internet access to your wireless devices such as a laptop, smartphone and tablet. A wireless router is great for people that live in rural areas and receive minimum download speeds as it is an alternative for Internet failure.

A product we recommend is the Huawei B315.


A USB Modem is a tiny device that plugs into the USB port on your laptop/ tablet etc. This will then provide you with the Internet (but only to one device as it is not wireless). You can use a dongle/ modem while travelling as it may be a cheaper option.

A product we recommend is the Huawei E3372.


A Wi-Fi dongle is a step up from a standard USB dongle. A Wi-Fi Dongle provides you with a secure Internet connection with up to 10 devices, therefore, a USB Dongle only provides Internet to one device. You can connect multiple wireless gadgets to it including your smartphone, tablet and laptop etc. Plus, you can plug the device into a cigarette lighter adapter to source your own car Wi-Fi for your passengers.

A product we recommend is the Huawei E8372h-153.

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