Connecting Mongolia GER Internet

Watch how Unitel and Huawei are providing reliable internet to the people of Mongolia. With a small population spread over an immensely sparse area of land with very few resources, providing internet to the majority of the country is a difficult task. Of the 850,000 households, a massive 82% do not have access to home…
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Huawei E5788 vs Nighthawk M1 – Pocket Wi-Fi

So far 2018 has been an exciting year for technology and will only continue to push the boundaries. With more funding and research going into Mobile Broadband we should expect to see a higher development in devices. Before 2018 Netgears Nighthawk M1 was listed as the fastest 4G LTE Pocket Wi-Fi in the market. But…
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Can you trust public wifi

Can you Trust Public Wi-Fi?

Public Wi-Fi Nearly every café, restaurant and shop provide their customers with a public Wi-Fi connection. And of course, anyone would happily make use of this free service, but do we ever think of the risks? Although we might trust the brand or company providing us with the Wi-Fi, it’s the other users you have…
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Huawei E5788 Device and shoes

Discover Huawei’s First Intelligent CAT16 Wi-Fi Hotspot

Finally, the day is here! Huawei have announced their first intelligent CAT16 Wi-Fi hotspot. This device is one of the most advanced mobile Wi-Fi hotspots released this year. The E5788u-96a is a huge step up from the Huawei E5787, supplying you with the most up to date technology all packed inside this incredible device. Tap…
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wi-fi experience blog

Upgrade your Wi-Fi Experience

Upgrade your Wi-Fi experience with the Huawei E5885. The device has rapid speeds making it ideal for downloading and streaming movies. Not to mention, everything you do at home can be done on a road trip, on a train and yes even a cruise ship. So, convinced yet? No? Keep on reading to explore the benefits……
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Give your Wi-Fi a Boost

Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing, but do you find that some parts of your home lack a good connection? Or maybe you require a Wi-Fi connection in your garden or out of your house. But do not worry, you do not need to buy a whole new router package to get a better signal, you…
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Difference between Mobile, Cable and DSL Internet

Over 90% of households in Briton have some kind of internet access within their home. Internet connections are not just being used at home but for companies, shops, hotels and more. These connections will be used by their employees and customers. Although an online connection can be delivered more than one way, this is because…
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Windows 1709 Rejecting Huawei Devices

Windows Update Rejecting Huawei USB Devices

WHAT WE KNOW… The new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 (RedStone 3) is experiencing problems in relation to USB devices. We are receiving reports that Huawei consumers are unable to connect their USB devices after the recent download. We recommend you postpone the system update until further notice, especially if you use a Huawei…
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A Hot Cup of Wi-Fi

A Hot Cup of FastFree Wi-Fi

When you walk down your local high-street you will find that most the shops and restaurants will offer complementary Wi-Fi. Although when I say complementary, Wi-Fi is more of an essential these days instead of a luxury. But think about it, if you had to choose between two cafes and one didn’t have Wi-Fi, it’s…
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How to use Mobile Broadband the Right Way

How to Set Up Mobile Broadband the Right Way

WHAT IS MOBILE WI-FI? So, in case you didn’t already know, Mobile Broadband is another way to get online and have Internet access. Mobile Broadband shouldn’t always be considered as a second alternative as it has many benefits. Mobile Broadband devices have little to no wires making them mess free, they are wireless, compact and…
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