An Essential Companion for Travellers

Traveller standing at the top of a mountain.

The great escape to the outdoors is the perfect way to get one with nature and capture that perfect sunset. Or even better, sharing that once in a lifetime moment with your friends and family. Whether you do this by live streaming, video chat or even taking that perfect photo, giving it that snappy title, then uploading it to all your connected social platforms.

After all, we want to share our precious moments within the moment, not later or sooner, so it is important that you stay connected whenever and wherever you are. Although it is not always possible when you are on the move… Or is it?

What if I said you could have ultra-fast 4G Internet access where you want! Plus, not to mention you can produce a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting up to 10 devices at once! You would not believe me, right? Well, you can.

Now before you jump to conclusions, no, it is not like your normal home router, it is better! Your portable Wi-Fi is a compact device that is slim, stylish, lightweight, and will fit perfectly in most pockets (9.5 x 5.5 x 1cm).

So what is this device I am speaking of? It is the Huawei E5577c. You can stay connected uing any SIM of your choice as Huawei Hotspot is unlocked to all networks!

Huawei E5577c


For more information or to purchase the Huawei E5577c, click here.

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