Advantages of Wireless Broadband

So what is mobile broadband? And what makes it different from your average home connection? Well, mobile broadband runs off 3G and 4G data. Some people might think this connection is limited to just their phones, but in fact you can use 3G and 4G for all of your devices. Mobile broadband can be accessed with a number of devices, most of which are portable and wireless.


  • 3G and 4G coverage can give you high speed internet connection, it can even be better than home broadband.
  • Convenience of browsing on the go, this is great if you travel long distances a lot.
  • Fast data download, with the right provider for your location you will never have to wait for a video to buffer again.
  • Freedom from wires, as mobile broadband is wireless you do not need to plug it in. This makes the overall appearance of your sleek and easy to put away.
  • No installations, so no extra fees. You literally just need a SIM and the product then you are ready to go.
  • Internet can be accessed in remote areas, even when traveling.
  • Provides a neat environment, most of the broadband devices are small, slender and can blend in with your home furniture.
  • Can be accessed by multiple gadgets, just like home broadband you can connect up to 30 devices on most devices.
  • Reaches where wired connections cannot such as open fields or in a market. This would be great for small companies who want to use card machines on stalls.
  • Competitive pricing is an advantage of Mobile Broadband as providers are always trying to give you the best deals. This means cheaper prices for you.

Speed of 4G is becoming better than home broad band, especially in rural areas. If your home broadband is always failing you, why not give mobile broadband a try.

Here at Livewire we supply a variety of different Mobile Broadband products. One product we would recommend is the Huawei E5573. It is Unlocked for any network and is the perfect portable mobile W-Fi router.

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