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Livewire Telecom Ltd is a UK based organisation established in 1999. We are the global leader in the distribution of Mobile Broadband devices. If you would like to know more information about Mobile Broadband please direct yourself to our blog page.

We specify in the most advanced and updated Mobile Broadband devices. Our product range includes Pocket Wi-Fi, Dongles, Wi-Fi Routers, Car Wi-Fi and Antennas. Here at Livewire Telecom Ltd we offer the most competitive pricing across the telecom sector and we are able to distribute globally within a short time frame. We will provide you with the most suited product to meet your expectations.

Livewire Telecom Ltd is recognised by all the major manufacturers such as Huawei and Apple. We are known to maintain a secure and reliable relationship with all our partners as we are as one of the fastest growing and premier distributors in the telecom sector.

If you ever require more information on the products and services we provide, then please get in touch through our Support page. Or for a more immediate response, please ring on +44 (0) 1327 858918.

Livewire Telecom Ltd



Livewire offer a full debrand of Mobile Broadband devices and will assist in recycling and reselling of any device outside of the operators territory.

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Livewire work with the largest OEM manufacturer in Asia to design and manage own branded devices for the Mobile Broadband market.

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We are able to process and distribute products globally within 48 hours to 90% of destinations. Contact us for more information. 

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