8 Reasons to Switch to a Wireless Router

White B315 Routers laying on a white marble surface

Wired broadband in rural areas seems to be a problem across the UK. In urban areas, the telephone exchange tends to be close to homes; giving people a good Internet connection but in rural areas an exchange can be miles away from the nearest village. Meaning Internet speeds are extremely slow (2 Mbps) or do not work at all. This is frustrating for a person that is paying a high price for something that doesn’t work. Wireless broadband is becoming more and more popular due to the impressive benefits. Here are a few reasons why:


You can get staggering download speeds up to an astonishing 300 Mbps! Meaning you can stream and download films, videos and games without buffering!


A low-cost alternative to fixed broadband with no hidden charges. You are not tied to a yearly contract and you do not have to sign up to a plan. Meaning you can choose your best sim provider in your area enabling you to get the best connection and price possible.


You can connect up to 64 gadgets to a Huawei E5186. This is brilliant as your friends and family can join in on the High-speed Internet. Connect your smart phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, gaming consoles plus many more.


The Wi-Fi routers have a sleek and streamline design, not to mention their round curves creates a very modern look. The device is available in black and white, so take your pick and give your home a great look.


One great advantage is Huawei's routers have an incredible Wi-Fi wireless coverage as it eliminates and pushes through dead corners meaning wherever you are in the house, you will have a powerful connection to the Internet.

3 - 4 SWITCH

A manual network switch is one of the latest features as if you loose your 4G connections the router will automatically switch to a 3G network.


Another great feature that has recently been added is VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows you to make and receive phone calls through your Internet and in conclusion saving you money in the long run.


With four Ethernet ports, you can connect your computer, printer and game consoles and get super-fast 4G speeds. It even has a phone port to allowing you to save money and get rid of your landline.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your high-speed Wi-Fi router now.

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