5G is the Future.

Don’t wait around! Future-proof your home broadband with a brand new 5G router.
All our 5G devices are also compatible with the latest 4G technologies, so you’ll be guaranteed to experience faster internet speeds, whether you have access to 5G yet or not.


What is 5G?

5G is the latest generation of mobile networking.

With theoretical speeds of up to 20Gbps, 5G provides up to 20 times faster internet speeds than 4G LTE.

Say goodbye to slow connections with 5G’s extremely high bandwidth, allowing for seamless video streaming, conference calls, and high-definition online gaming, even in the busiest of areas.


There is no more frustrating buffering with 5G. Stream all content quickly and easily, even while on the go or at your favourite live events, such as music gigs and sporting events.


5G reaches peak download & upload speeds up to 20 times faster than even the most advanced 4G LTE connections. Obtain stable internet speeds from 150Mbps and beyond!


No more waiting around to play your favourite games! The future of video game streaming in full 4K 120fps is now possible with 5G, and any updates your current console games have will download almost instantaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is 5G available?

5G towers are going up in even more places in 2021, being available to even more households all around the UK. Currently, 5G is available mostly in larger urban areas, so check your network provider for coverage in your area.

How fast is 5G?

Just like any network connection, 5G speeds can vary based on three main factors: how far you are away from a 5G tower, which frequency spectrum is being used, and how many people are using the network at that point in time. Typically, speeds with a 5G connection should reach at least 150Mbps.

Is 5G safe?

Yes, 5G is safe. 5G has been developed over many years and has been tried and tested to meet all types of Government safety guidelines and international electromagnetic frequency legislation.

Why choose 5G?

5G data is typically the same price as 4G data. Because of this, you are effectively getting much faster internet speeds for the same price. 5G coverage is accelerating and 5G speeds are continuing to improve all the time; therefore, the value for money you get is extremely good and always getting better. If you currently do not live in a 5G area, then it is likely 5G will come to you within the next couple of years. Without 5G, you still have use a relatively fast and reliable 4G signal.