5 Must Have Travel Tech Devices

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Stay connected wherever you are with a wireless travel hotspot. Logging into unknown networks abroad can contain a security risk. Especially if you are dealing with sensitive data or transferring important files. Stay secure online when using your own hotspot. Best of all you do not have to worry about finding the nearest connection as you will always have one you, even while on the move.

The Huawei E5577c is a high recommended travel tech device to use for portable mobile Wi-Fi, not to mention the product is unlocked so you can use the best network for your area.


Having a battery pack can become a life saver when you are abroad. I would even recommend having two whilst on the move. If you are lost and your phone has died it can be hard asking for direction in a different country, especially if they speak another language.


Streaming sticks are great and very flexible, you can watch all your favourite content as long as you have a secure online connection. You can stream movies from your phone for the whole family to enjoy. They a cost effective and are great to use at home, not just for holidays!


How many times have you taken the wrong adapter on holiday? A multi-adapter means you only have to buy the one plug and it will work in any country. You can even buy one with an additional USB port so you are able to plug in any wire of your liking.


Having an unlocked phone is one of the most travel tech devices to take with you. It means you can use any SIM rather than being tied to one network on your phone. This is ideal when you are travelling as most SIM cards are off-contract. Meaning you can buy one that has the best network for your area of travelling. Not only will this save you money, you will have complete coverage wherever you are as long as you buy a local SIM card.

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