41 Easter Holiday Essentials – The Ultimate Guide

41 Easter Holiday Essentials – The Ultimate Guide

41 Easter Holiday Essentials – The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning your Easter break away?

Watching Netflix’s Cleaning up with Marie Kondo and practicing the KonMari Method to work out how to organise all your clothes in the most efficient way in your suitcase?


With a couple of weeks to go until Easter, you can still plan any kind of trip!

If you’re planning a break in the UK over Easter, from cosy fires to beaches, to a day out at a theme park or at a museum, don’t forget this 41 item ultimate packing list!

For the Journey

– Driving Licence
– Mobile Phone & Charger
– Keys (Home and Car)
– Book
– Tablet
– Music
– Huawei E8377 Car-Fi
– Glasses/Sunglasses
– Water
– Snacks

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– Weather appropriate clothing (always check the weather before travelling)
– Underwear
– Socks
– A warm layer for the evenings (a shawl or a scarf, maybe even a jumper)
– Hand bags/beach bag/picnic bag/rucksack
– A spare bag for dirty laundry
– A belt
– Shoes/sandals/boots (It is still Easter time and that Spring weather can be deceptive!)
– Jewellery
– Swimsuits
– Sun hat
– Pyjamas
– Goggles


– Tickets (if required)
– Cash and Cards
– Power banks for your devices
– Bag/Backpack (so you can store all your essentials)
– Medication & First Aid kit
– Toiletries
– Glasses and Sunglasses
– Hairbrushes with clips and hair bands
– Water Bottle
– Batteries
– Torch (If applicable)
– Headphones
– Deodorant
– Make Up
– Towels
– Sun Cream & After Sun
– Blankets
– Toys for children

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